Best Hardtail Mountain Bike of 2017

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Hardtail mountain bike

Top Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Do you need the best hardtail mountain bike with low cost of maintenance? But you don’t want to hit hard on your budget. We constantly and extensively try out hardtail mountain bikes which are pocket-friendly to bring you the best ride. These mountain bikes do not have the many linkages and bearings common to complicated suspension system. Rather it has a rigid rear end which makes the rider to use appropriate finesse and techniques to ride rough terrains. Hardtail bikes require low maintenance, hence, affording you less time to worry about bike servicing and more time to ride your bike. Credit to whom we researched heavily before writing this review.


We have compiled a list of the best hardtail mountain bike that bring you great deals. These bikes do not need any immediate upgrades as they are all trail-ready, fitting for trail riding.


The Santa Cruz Chameleon


This bike is truly versatile, nearly too nimble and playful, and has no dropper post. It is a fun-loving hardtail mountain bike which has an easy going attitude. Absolutely best for charging
flow trails, pump shoulder knob which allows bikers to really navigate corners. The Santa Cruz Chameleon encourages playful trail manners.


The Specialized Fuse Expert 6 Fattie

Doubtlessly, the specialized fuse expert 6 fattie mountain bike is the most confident and fun-full bike. It has a serious chain slap, and a great dropper seat-post, it is highly recommended for riders. Though it is not a great all-day climber. It is a well-balanced, climbs swiftly and descends confidently as it built around spot-on geometry. It offers outstanding traction. It has 3.0-inch wide tires which hook up like Velcro in hard packs, sands, and gravels. The bike is a simple and beautifully designed mountain bike that riders of different experiences would greatly appreciate.

The Kona Precept 150


This is the third in the list of best hardtail mountain bike. Are you looking for a cheap all-mountain bike? the Kona precept 150 might be your choice. Definitely not the cutest bike around, but it has the specifications of a fully capable bike adapted for mountain climbing.


It possesses the KS ETen post, powered by an 11-speed SRAM NX drivetrain, and rolling on grippy 27.5 Maxxis High Roller II tires. It is equipped with the Suntour’s Pike-like Aion fork in
the fore and the RockShox Monarch RT in the back. With its powerful stance, the Kona precept 150 needs only upgrade its Shimano Acera brakes.